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Free Salesforce consultancy


I used Salesforce myself extensively between 2017 and 2020, and have worked with it several times before and since during the delivery of client integration projects.

Often I've been involved in technical processes when planning CRM projects, like endpoint mapping when integrating a CRM with a website for example, and understanding how the data will be used at both ends. But I've also been involved in helping select a new CRM platform and plan how it can be used throughout the organisation.

One thing for sure, is that most users of Salesforce that I've come across only use about 10% of its capability. Added to this users lack of confidence using the platform, and inability to configure it easily, it does make you question how it's quite so mainstream, and has been for decades.

It's an awesome platform that when used well, can significantly impact engagement levels. I've seen it doing just this at several businesses, including the global charity Save the Rhino International, who harnessed its full potential to deliver membership acquisition and retention campaigns to grow and engage their global audience.

I've also seen Salesforce massively under utilised, often because of a lack of strategy and leadership during its implementation. 

I once visited a Cambridge-based charity who started using Salesforce 5 years before, but had had no onboarding, just activated their own account and off they went. Problem was, a serious lack of planning or understanding of exactly what they wanted to achieve, and the result was poor data and process, and a pretty basic CRM which was no more useful than a good old spreadsheet in reality.

Supermums - Salesforce Consultancy

So I put this charity in touch with Supermums to see what free consultancy and advice was on offer before they had to start paying for help.

Check our their offering, it's pretty awesome -

Supermums are on a mission to help female returners retrain and this involves looking for suitable opportunities for their Salesforce Admin Training Graduates to complete volunteer pro-bono placements working alongside an experienced Salesforce professional.

They have had over 1000 trainees pass through the programme and deliver 48hrs of pro-bono support for non-profits.  They are really proud of the community of Graduates who have delivered over 11k hours of pro-bono support valued at over £1m of time to help non-profits globally with their Salesforce projects.

I'm often heard quoting that HubSpot is the best CRM at this moment in time, but that doesn't mean everyone needs to jump ship, Salesforce can be a very powerful platform if it's used correctly. So if you need a little help in hand to get back on track, maybe helping setting up custom fields, automation, workflows, campaigns or even with internal change management, Supermums should be your starting place before committing to consultancy fees.