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HubSpot learnings

I've been using HubSpot since September 2020, previously a Salesforce guy but I've totally been converted.

This post will capture some of my learnings, as much for myself as anyone else.

Positive experience


What I love most is that the whole HubSpot platform is so fast, switching between pages in the CMS is lightening quick, likewise uploading imagery, choosing pages to link to etc.

Plus the UI is intuitive, perhaps more suited to someone a little more technical but not a million miles away from some of the page builders in WordPress for example, like Visual Composer and Elementor.

Pretty easy to add pages or posts, and landing pages also with different headers and footers.

Obviously very easy to build and add forms, and no need to worry if the form submission is reliable anymore.



Great performance out of the box with little effort, 89/100 mobile and 95/100 desktop - so far not made any effort to improve, but will report findings her if and when I do.



SSL is included with no configuration required, most simple SSL setup I've ever experienced.

HubSpot GA4 integration in CMS Hub

Well it really couldn't be any easier to be honest. Once you've created your GA4 property in Google Analytics, simply add the tracking ID in Settings > Tools > Website > Pages > Integrations:


Not so positive


There are no 301 URL redirects available in the free Hub CMS version - but only £22/month for starter HUB version.


Visit again soon...